Some progress is still progress, right?

We’ve sold about 14 zines so far, despite having over 305 views of it on Magcloud. I don’t want to think that people are just reading the preview instead of buying it, but we’re starting to wonder if that’s the case. That would make us sad. 

If you haven’t grabbed a copy yet, show your support at:

We’d also like to note that JABR offers both sidebar advertising on our website, as well as advertising in our issues. Pricing details can be found at: this starts cheap at $3.00 USD and goes up from there. 

The zine also accepts donations, which help keep us going–at:

Hoping to see sales pick up. Thank you to everyone that’s supported us so far!

5 reasons why you should buy JABR

1. It’s amazing. No seriously. It’s got interviews from some wonderful LGBTQ* initiatives, famous musicians, and did I mention it’s pretty? Really. It is. It’s very aesthetically pleasing. 

2. Three people spent their entire 2012 working on this. Seriously. It was day in day out for 7 months, and to see we’ve only sold 8 copies so far kind of makes us sad. 

3. It’s not done yet! We have great stuff coming up in issue two, but we can’t bring that to you without support! 

4. It’s the 4th of July and what’s more patriotic than supporting an LGBTQ* youth magazine? I mean, that just screams ‘OEEER THE LAND OF THE FREEE, AND THE HOME OF THE BRAAAVE to me. Maybe I’m alone in that. Oh well. Still, seriously…Equal rights are everyone’s rights. LGBTQ* youth have been wanting this zine for a while (we did surveys!) and we can’t get it to anyone without some serious signal boosting!

5. Did I mention it’s really pretty and will help a lot of people? Oh. Well. Can’t hurt to mention it again.


If I’ve convinced you, check out: Magcloud, where you can buy an issue or leaf through the zine!

Just a Bit Radical is live!! is up and running!! The first issue is available for sale, and there’s so much awesome stuff in it…Interviews from Project: OUTThe L ProjectA Note to My Kid,VoltaireArt of TranslinessPink Triangle TheatreJeremiah’s Hope for Kindness…the list goes on. Check it out and grab a copy! Thank you to EVERYONE that helped with this. We wouldn’t be here without you!

Ironing out some kinks…

On the website. It’s ‘live’ technically and most of the features work, such as the donation page and whatnot–but there are a few hiccups that are preventing an official launch. 

As a sneak peak for anyone interested, you can purchase the zine on Magcloud here:

I’ll have more information about the site tomorrow! 

So let’s recap JABR issue one!

Interviews from:

With photos from:

And tons more articles. Sound exciting? You bet it is.

I haven’t even started talking about issue two! You can buy it starting 7/2/2012 and we’ll be sure to post everything here to let you all know when it’s up and running! 

JABR is seeking a graphic designer!

JABR is on the hunt for a graphic designer! Must have experience with Adobe InDesign, layout and photo editing, and be able to take direction as part of a group. You will be reporting to our Art Director.

This is a volunteer position that can be used on a resume, and may eventually lead to a paid position within our team.

Email if interested!

A few things you’ll see in issue two of JABR

Just a Bit Radical ( is an LGBTQ+ ‘zine by the people for the people, so to speak. We encompass every letter of the Alphabet, and here’s some things you can look forward to in our second issue: the lovely and talented Sam is going to be doing an interview for us in issue two of Just a Bit Radical. Excited? So are we! ♥ ♥ You might know Sam from his amazing Genderbread Person that went viral on Tumblr:

Also, an interview with April Ashley, an amazing woman and a pioneer of MtF/trans* rights. We’re so humbled to be speaking to her, we can’t even begin to tell you all. If you want to learn more about April before the ‘zine goes live, visit—

We’re also going to be talking with the founder of the Genderreel Film Festival, a trans*/gender-variant/etc. film fest in Philadelphia. — Know some filmmakers that have made a work about trans* issues? They’re looking for submissions, so drop it like it’s hot!

Another thing you’ll be seeing are Q&A’s from and …If you know someone who wants to write an article or submit artwork/photography to us, let us know! Submissions for issue two are open until August!


Check it out!

An interview we did with GenderReel film festival, whom you’ll be hearing from in issue two of JABR.

Sneak peak of our cover!

Sneak peak of our cover!

Well, minus the filler text, but still! We’re excited!