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5 reasons why you should buy JABR

1. It’s amazing. No seriously. It’s got interviews from some wonderful LGBTQ* initiatives, famous musicians, and did I mention it’s pretty? Really. It is. It’s very aesthetically pleasing. 

2. Three people spent their entire 2012 working on this. Seriously. It was day in day out for 7 months, and to see we’ve only sold 8 copies so far kind of makes us sad. 

3. It’s not done yet! We have great stuff coming up in issue two, but we can’t bring that to you without support! 

4. It’s the 4th of July and what’s more patriotic than supporting an LGBTQ* youth magazine? I mean, that just screams ‘OEEER THE LAND OF THE FREEE, AND THE HOME OF THE BRAAAVE to me. Maybe I’m alone in that. Oh well. Still, seriously…Equal rights are everyone’s rights. LGBTQ* youth have been wanting this zine for a while (we did surveys!) and we can’t get it to anyone without some serious signal boosting!

5. Did I mention it’s really pretty and will help a lot of people? Oh. Well. Can’t hurt to mention it again.


If I’ve convinced you, check out: Magcloud, where you can buy an issue or leaf through the zine!