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Just a Bit Radical on Kickstarter

19 days, yes I said NINETEEN–to get Just a Bit Radical funded. Please donate if you can, or reblog this post to help us spread awareness. We have a long way to go, but we’ve seen some Kickstarter miracles and we’d like to be one of them.

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I Was Promised a Pony!

This blog is dedicated to trans*, bigender, and gender-variant youth.

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What can we as LGBTQ adults do to show our support for those that are fighting a struggle we may have already conquered? Read and find out!

Kickstarter! Help us help queer youth!

38 days to go!!

I’ll Make a Man Out of You–Now on HuffPo!

We’re in the Huffington Post!!

Check it out, everyone! Thanks so much for all your support! Tell your friends! Together, we can help raise the Kickstarter funding to bring the magazine to print and help so many people that need it.

We love you all—