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What You’ll Find in Issue Two of Just a Bit Radical!

What You’ll Find in Issue Two of Just a Bit Radical

Just a Bit Radical ( is an LGBTQ+ ‘zine by the people for the people, so to speak. We encompass every letter of the Alphabet, and here’s some things you can look forward to in our second issue: the lovely and talented Sam is going to be doing an interview for us in issue two of Just a Bit Radical. Excited? So are we! ♥ ♥ You might know Sam from his amazing Genderbread Person that went viral here on Tumblr:

Also, an interview with April Ashley, an amazing woman and a pioneer of MtF/trans* rights. We’re so humbled to be speaking to her, we can’t even begin to tell you all. If you want to learn more about April before the ‘zine goes live, visit—

We’re also going to be talking with the founder of the Genderreel Film Festival, a trans*/gender-variant/etc. film fest in Philadelphia. — Know some filmmakers that have made a work about trans* issues? They’re looking for submissions, so drop it like it’s hot!

Want to help us out? Donate to our Kickstarter, it’s down to the wire with 15 days left! If 450 people donated $10.00 we’d reach our goal!

We’re looking forward to being a voice for not only trans* people but everyone under the umbrella and our allies, too! ❤