$125 down, let’s see more donations! :D

So we’re $125 into our goal. We’ve introduced a lovely new backer reward, t-shirts for anyone who donates $25 or over to Just a Bit Radical. We know times are tough, but every dollar counts. If you can, please check out:

http://ow.ly/9IXQ8 and make a donation today. If not, please reblog this to help us spread the word. The money that is donated is going toward helping us bring the ‘zine to print and get it to the places that need it most…LGBT youth centers, LGBT homeless shelters and drop-in centers, those kinds of places—as well as of course being sent to our lovely backers. ❤

We’d love to see more donations, they really make our day when we check our email here at JABR. We’re working so hard on the ‘zine. Day in and day out, we’re always thinking, brainstorming, and contacting new people to help us come up with the best articles and content possible. We can’t do this without your support.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you can help us with our goal.

—Team JABR


About Kiran

Kir is a 27 year old genderqueer activist and fledgling zine publisher and writer. During the day, they moonlight as a college student majoring in sociology and public policy. Kiran also volunteers at a local GLBT youth center..

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